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Optimizing HR - HR Consulting

You are facing the challenge of making HR fit for digitization or are considering how you can withstand the constant pressure to maintain quality while reducing costs? We will help you with professional HR consulting to analyze holistically your HR organization, the processes & policies and the HR systems, checking for possible improvements and implementing the measures jointly decided efficiently and purposefully. We train your employees, for example, business partners, for the effective performance of their role.

Konferenztisch, Organisation
Unterschrift Vertrag Outsourcing
Berater im Regen zur Auswahl
Projektmanagement Gruppe im gegenlicht
Organization Design

You feel or already know that your organizational structure is not working optimally? We will help you to identify the causes, to develop the new organization in the desired aspects such as the Target Operating Model, the new structure covering detailed roles and job descriptions and shape the successful implementation, including change management and communication.


You are considering to outsource one or more processes or services to an external provider? We will help you to optimally delineate the processes, formulate the service desciptions precisely, evaluate the offers and to look for the important points such as service level agreements in the contract negotiations. Afterwards we will happily support you during the transition, including professional change management.

Selecting external  Consultants

You are planning a larger project, but are not sure who can help you in what form? We will help you to define the requirements, create the request for proposal and accompany the evaluation of consultants - or just parts of the process.We know both sides of the coin from personal experience: the consultant´s side and the customer´s, making the selection.

Project Management & Facilitation

You intend to carry out a project, but lack the appropriate resource to take over the project management? We will help you to manage your project effectively. If you wish to call on external consultants, we will be working on behalf of you in the project and lead your employees.

You are planning workshops, but are unsure how to use the time most effectively? We will help you to make your workshops targeted and worthwhile and are happy to take over the facilitation.

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