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Organization Design


Organizations today must be much more flexible than in the past. Every 3 years an organisation changes completely. Triggers can be a variety of causes: growth, relocation of business or responsibilities, mergers, cost pressures, globalization, standardization, to name just a few. Successful organizations align themselves to the objectives they are to reach.


Our experience will help you in selecting and designing an appropriate organizational structure, which is not only based on resource availability, but reflects in a holistic approach the future objectives of the organization, the required versus the available capabilities, the duration of implementation and the training of employees.



We will help you:

  • to analyze your current organizational structure and describe potential weaknesses

  • to define the future Target Operating Model and describe the cooperation between units

  • to define the roles and positions in the new organization and to provide meaningful details to the description

  • to create the detailed organization chart with the actual structure of region / country / site level and to link to each other by "reporting lines"

  • to calculate and adapt the required number and distribution of the FTE (full-time equivalents) on the basis of parameters such as strategy, clusters, logistics, distances, languages, reporting channels, etc.

  • to define and describe Leadership Committees and management bodies in their responsibility and set-up

Our services can be tailored to companies of all sizes, for small departments with 5-10 employees and for large units with several hundred employees.

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