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Global HR Transformation

The HR department of a global chemicals company was globally realigned. A role-based organization was designed, new standardized global HR processes developed and a supporting HR IT relaunched. based on an extensive Business Case, a SSC for Europe was built in Germany, the same for North America, each including staff selection, training and change management. Stefan Linde was responsible for IBM for the global design of the processes and organization as well as for the following implementation in Germany of all processes, the organization and IT, including the transfer of employees into the new SSC and appropriate prior training and communication activities.

Cross-functional SSC

A European agro-chemicals group conducted a pilot project on the evaluation of outsourcing options for the functional back-office areas. This led to a new service unit being established for collecting the functional areas of Finance, HR, IT, Procurement and Logistics. The respective areas were restructured according to the developed new organisation concepts including a partial outsourcing of processes. Stefan Linde was responsible for the HR stream and the cross-functional process design methodology for Finance, HR and Procurement as Director at PwC. For HR, all processes have been newly developed according to a new role model with detailed role and job descriptions. 4 regional SSC´s on 4 continents were introduced and a new strategic concept to modernize HR IT was created.

Outsourcing of global HR department

For the outsourcing of the global HR services of a Swiss SMI company's HR the processes were standardized globally, the hand-oversdefined, the new roles and responsibilities describes, the scope of services defined and measurement criteria (KPIs) applied, a complete business case calculeted and contracts based on the project results were negotiated.

Global Outsourcing of HR

For a North European industrial company IBM has developed a comprehensive and complete approach to adapt the processes, organization and IT including Überführug as an outsourcing provider, and then carried out carefully coordinated HR transformation. These benefits were accrued, coordinated processes globally and regionally, globally relaunched the organization and introduced new roles, new implements the IT, designed a Staffing and Transition concept and carried out the due diligence. Stefan Linde led this project for IBM to process and organizational design subprojects.

Development of an HR CRM solution

To implement a global ticketing solution for the the worldwide shared service center of a specialty chemicals company a uniform concept was designed based on SAP. The roles have been adjusted, responsibilities newly distributed and the underlying process has been globally standardized. The horizon during implementation was expanded and more functions such as finance and IT were added into the solution.

Optimizing Collaboration in Product Development

In an engineering company several internal departments and external partners were supposed to work coordinated and goal-directed on a new product. Applying a pragmatic Project and Risk Management including Reporting measures and supporting implementation with structured and regular project meetings the new product wa developed in time and in budget.

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Strategy Workshop for Global Department

The global IT department with nearly 1,000 employees of an international industrial group intended to carry out a strategy workshop in which a common vision, a mission statement and a new prioritization of activities envisaged as well additional major projects complementing the future direction of the department should be developed and adopted. The workshop was designed and managed by Stefan Linde for PwC.

Organisation Design & Product Catalog

For a global insurance group, a standardized product catalog was developed for the global compliance department, which was then subsequently communicated to the units. The responsibilities of the department were detailled in partly new role definitions and comprehensive job descriptions and afterwards communicated to the respective role owners.

Organisation Design of HR Leadership

For a global logistics company a new HR management structure was designed for the headquarter. For this, the roles had been redefined, responsibilities partly rewritten, reporting lines had been reviewed in accordance to the new objectives, and an implementation plan was designed. The measures then were introduced.

Global Payroll Outsourcing

For an international Swiss company the payroll for more than 50 countries was outsourced to an external service provider. To that purpose the terms of reference have been defined, the SLA´s completed with measurement criteria and the processes were designed, including the hand-overs and the information shared. In addition, a global implementation plan was designed and the extensive contract negotiations were accompanied. Subsequently, the implementation was initiated and carried out according to the schedule. Stefan Linde served as overall project leader for PwC for this project.

Global Payroll Outsourcing

For an international company an outsourcing of global payroll for more than 30 countries was prepared. The services were clearly demarcated with teh selected provider, complemented with KPI´s, process flows, hand-overs and responsibilities were agreed, a comprehensive business case was calculated, contract negotiations were conducted and a transition and project plan were developed. Stefan Linde has led this project as Head HR Services.

HR IT Strategy and Implementation

For a Swiss specialty chemicals company a perennial HR IT strategy to modernize the existing landscape and harmonize the software was designed to global standards. The goal was the transformation of the HR IT into the "cloud" for optimum support of regional SSC and the future stronger global orientation of the organization. Firstly modules implemented were Training and Performance Management as well as a ticketing system, then additional modules such as compensation. Stefan Linde was responsible for the projects as the Head of HR Services.

Knowledge Database Review

Review of internal (for SSC employees) and external (for employees and managers) Knowledge Database in a European HR Shared Service Center of a global bank. Development of an implementation concept for adapting the content, the structuring, and the technology to the current challenges. Stefan Linde was responsible for the project as project manager for PwC.

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