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Gaining Clarity

We offer pragmatic, performance-based solutions. Benefit from our years of experience in leading positions at large international management consultancies as well as in the industry. After a first interview, we will evaluate your situation in an initial workshop and discuss the most appropriate project approach for you.


Our services are geared to your needs.


With years of experience, we enter into an open dialogue with you to jointly define how we can best help you in a pragmatic, straight forward and quick fashion.

For us trust is paramount. We believe in lasting relationships and only offer what we are convinced will truly help you.


In over 20 years of consulting experience, we have successfully supported a number of complex projects of all sizes, from one-man jobs to globally oriented programs with dozens of employees, managing a variety of projects from process optimization through reorganizations, outsourcing, integrations over to global transformations with shared services.


In many international projects we have managed to successfully blend different cultures within the project.


Our Approach

Each project is different. Although the challenges are similar, the solutions may differ from company to company. But for every challenge there are crucial parameters that often make out the difference between success or failure of a project, at least based on prior expectations. We know these parameters by heart from our extensive project experience and use them as orientation in an open dialogue with you. Together we will choose the most appropriate approach matching the combination of your goals, your corporate culture and your current settings, taking into account all pros and cons.

We believe in long-term customer relations and only offer solutions that we are convinced will truly generate a benefit and create additional value for you. We know that the success of a project often depends heavily on the acceptance by the employees and therefore we bring our extensive change management experience to the table. 

lindeconsulting was founded with the specific aim of supporting companies in optimizing their organization regarding processes, structure, IT and service delivery or to stand at your side when selecting the right consultant for your project.



Friedrichsruher Weg 5b 

21465 Wentorf b. Hamburg

Tel: +49 170-7851844

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