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Cost pressure and the need for standardization of global processes persuade many companies to outsource their processes and services entirely or partially to external service providers. Success depends very much on the proper hand-over of responsibilities as well as on a professional communication.


With our assistance, find the right service provider for your needs and manage the transition professionally. We know all sides from personal experience: that of the company, the outsourcing provider and last but not least the accompanying consultant. With our experience we will help you select the right and appropriate service provider.


Wir will help you:

  • to create the request for proposal for the area to be outsourced 

  • to initiate and coordinate the selection process with the right suppliers 

  • to document the service description for the future partner comprehensively 

  • to design processes so that future work-flows run efficiently and the respective responsibilities are transparent and well documented

  • to create Service Level Agreements underpinned with meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • to define escalation mechanisms 

  • to create and manage all implementation plans required for the transition

  • to apply professional Change Management and Communication during transition

  • to negotiate the contract with your future partner competently, assessing content and delivering comprehensive advice

  • to coordinate the outsourcing process from A-Z 


We are happy to support you during the entire process or just with individual issues. We can be fully active in the project, or guide your employees as coach.

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