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Optimizing HR


HR is these days under continuous pressure to reduce costs and being constantly available for personal approaches at the same time. Results have to be delivered in the highest quality. This dilemma is almost unsolvable. In addition we see an increasing globalization of business, which inevitably also involves a corresponding alignment of HR regarding processes and organization. Increased competition for the best talents also requires a more efficient and above all extremely effective service from HR.


You will regain control over how HR is perceived and create room for maneuver. You will benefit from our many years of experience in complex implementation projects of the fine-tuned adaptation of HR´s organization, processes and IT. We ensure that solutions are thought through holistically and can be implemented pragmatically. You will receive an objective, clear assessment of the possible solutions and targeted professional support in the implementation.


We will help you:

  • to align your HR strategy with the current conditions and to translate it into meaningful actions

  • to prioritize your HR projects according to the strategy and the current objectives, to plan and manage the implementation

  • to structure your HR processes in a process landscape, to identify opportunities for improvement and to re-design the processes partially or in total

  • to adapt your HR organization to the objectives and supplement with appropriate role and job descriptions

  • to identify HR IT requirements, select appropriate software and to implement new IT

  • to fine-tune Talent Management processes such as performance management, recruiting, talent management and compensation, building on each other to achieve the maximum benefit for your business

  • to screen your HR programs and revise HR policies

  • to implement HR Controlling requirements in processes supported by appropriate software

We will help you to design the 3-pillar model by Dave Ulrich in a way that it creates added value for your company and show you how to use shared service center principles sensibly in smaller departments from 10 employees onwards.

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