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Project Management & Facilitation


Very often important resources are tied in daily operations and can not act as project manager with the required utilization. Or there is a lack of know-how within the company to manage a one-time or first-time project successful, possibly even involving external consultants.

Your Benefit

You will have a competent and experienced project manager on your side who knows the pitfalls and perils of the project from his own experience. We create professional conditions in order to complete the project on time, in budget and in high quality.


We will help you:

  • to manage projects efficiently and goal-driven

  • to identify risks early on and to develop countermeasures

  • to develop and monitor complex project plans

  • to apply Communication and Change Management

  • to transfer know-how to your employees for future reference

We are also happy to support you in the review of ongoing projects and to propose solutions for possibly identified weaknesses.


For single workshops or individual strategy days, we offer you to plan your workshop, aligning content and goals, to facilitate and, if desired, to document results.

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